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Senior School - Modern Secular Public School, Bhikhi

Middle, Secondary & Senior Secondary School

The School follows the C.B.S.E. pattern and offers various choices at the Sr. Secondary level. Science with Computers Sc., Biology, Biotechnology. Commerce with Maths, Fashion Studies, Physical Education.

Humanities with Psychology, History, Sociology, Physical Education and Fashion Studies.

Evaluation and Assessment

The evaluation system is continuous and comprehensive. The academic year is divided into two semesters. There are two cycle tests in each subject one in each semester, surprise tests at regular intervals and First Semester Examination and Second Semester Examination.

Weightage is allotted for the cycle test, surprise tests and internal assessment.

Skilled and gifted students are identified and groomed with extra care so that many reach levels of excellence. At the same time we take care to follow up with students who need extra care. We provide remedial classes, learning centres for such students. There is a school counsellor to guide our students.