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MSPS, Bhikhi.
Mob. +91 95923 91054, 01652-273121.

e-mail: secularpawan01@gmail.com mspsjsbhikhi@gmail.com


Modern Secular Public School BHIKHI

A Brief History - Modern Secular Public School, Bhikhi - a sapling of education was planted in 2001 by Punjab Educational & Social Society, Cheema Mandi (Sangrur). And now as a result of hard toil, sweat and blood, far sightedness and the sweat of the brows of our Director, S.Jagjit Singh, the institution carry forth the vision, gearing up for the challenges ahead in the changing social perspectives & continue to groom spiritually inclined intelligent citizens for the nation, it has now grown into a fully mature tree, spreading its educational aroma around.